Safe Zone Workshops

Safe Zone Ally Training Workshops are interactive training sessions to raise awareness for LGBTQ inclusion in STEM and create a visible network of allies to foster a supportive atmosphere for LGBTQ individuals. Participants in our research-informed workshops will:

  • Develop an understanding of LGBTQ concepts and terminology
  • Develop an awareness of biases
  • Understand LGTBQ issues
  • Recognize discrimination and privilege
  • Become LGBTQ allies
  • Understand the aspects of engineering culture that act as barriers to LGBTQ equality

How is this workshop series different than the Safe Zone Programs offered on college and university campuses?

The key difference is that our workshops were developed by STEM faculty with input from STEM students as well as scholars of engineering culture, for an audience of STEM faculty and students.  Much of the content is the same as the traditional Safe Zone workshops, but ours emphasizes the kinds of issues and behaviors that are likely to be observed/experienced in a STEM environment.  We have considered specific aspects of STEM culture that serve as barriers to LGBTQ inclusion in our profession, and we recommend best practices that work particularly well for STEM environments and specifically in STEM classrooms.  We also describe some STEM-specific resources such as LGBTQ professional societies and their student chapters. Please direct questions to