LGBTQ+ Representation in STEM

LGBTQ+ Representation in STEM

In celebration of Coming Out Day (October 11, 2021), ASEE is organizing a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon to increase the representation of LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM. Since Wikipedia is “the world’s largest free encyclopedia,” we want to add more LGBTQ+ visibility to the website to highlight work done in the community. We invite editors from all specialities and backgrounds to contribute new articles and highlight profiles of LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM.


Oct. 8, 1-4 pm EST:

Work Day 

Work with other editors to create or edit an article with supportive guidance from your peers. You can select somone from our list of profiles or add a new person to the list who meets Wikipedia’s notability criteria . 


Oct. 11, 4-5 pm EST:

Celebration Day 

We will be celebrating Coming Out Day by highlighting the profiles created on Work Day. 

Spotlight of LGTBQ+ Wikipedia Profiles

What is an edit-a-thon? 

An edit-a-thon is an event where people can work together to develop content on a specific topic for online communities like Wikipedia. It can be informal or structured; the purpose is to contribute and develop content with a group of supportive peers. 


Who can participate in an edit-a-thon? 

Anyone can be an editor and add articles to Wikipedia. We will hold a training session on Work Day to introduce new editors to the interface. After that session you will have the expertise to edit and create new profiles focusing on LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM for Wikipedia.  


Why should I join this Wikipedia edit-a-thon? 

If you have ever wanted to get involved with LGBTQ+ advocacy, this is a great opportunity to ensure more representation. Wikipedia is known as the world’s largest free encyclopedia, and you could write articles that highlight the profiles of LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM. You should join us in our endeavor to make Wikipedia a more representative website.  


Wikipedia notability requirements

List of profiles to be created or edited (Coming soon)

Profile template layout (Coming soon)