The ASEE LGBTQ+ Advocacy in STEM Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) was first launched in 2015 under NSF grant EEC-1539140. In early 2018, under new NSF grant EEC-1748499, we recruited new members to help expand our network and extend our impact. 

Our community members work together to promote LGBTQ+ inclusion at their institutions. Members identify context-specific strategies, share resources, develop and implement action plans, and identify best practices for transforming the climate in STEM. 


Online Meetings

Meet online with other VCP members twice per semester

Human Relations Facilitation Training

Participate in online sessions led by expert meta-trainers

Asynchronous Communication

Chat and collaborate with other VCP members via Yammer platform

Safe Zone Facilitation

 Facilitate or co-facilitate face-to-face and/or online Safe Zone Ally Training workshops


Inclusion Strategies

Learn effective response and inclusion strategies that promote LGBTQ+ equality in STEM

More LGBTQ+ Inclusive Departments

Learn strategies that are effective in reshaping norms and creating LGBTQ-inclusive departments

LGBTQ+ Ally Activities

Advance your advocacy and support skills to become a stronger LGBTQ+ ally

Facilitation Skills

Strengthen your group facilitation skills through Safe Zone workshop facilitation