Online Workshops

Safe Zone Online Ally Training Workshops are free interactive online workshops for students, faculty, staff, and the professional community. During these workshops, participants will build knowledge and skills to create a more inclusive and affirming environment for LGBTQ individuals in engineering and STEM. 

  • Level 1 workshops introduce LGBTQ terminology and concepts and explore how to develop awareness of privilege and become an ally to LGBTQ individuals in and out of the classroom. (Duration: 90 minutes – 2 hours
  • Level 2 workshops are more advanced than Level 1 and further discuss LGBTQ issues and heterosexual/cisgender privilege, micro-aggressions, and discrimination disruption techniques. (Duration: 90 minutes – 2 hours
  • Deep Dive workshops focus on specific issues and topics related to LGBTQ and STEM issues. (Duration: 1 hour

 This page offers a listing of upcoming and past online Safe Zone Ally Training workshops facilitated by members of ASEE’s LGBTQ Leadership Community and community stakeholders. This page is updated periodically.

Upcoming Online Workshops

There are no upcoming online workshops at this time; workshops will return in fall 2018.

Past Online Workshops

Here are the details and materials from all our past online Safe Zone Ally Training workshops. These online workshops were facilitated by members of our Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) and community stakeholders. 

Workshop Title Workshop Materials Date  Facilitator(s)
Safe Zone Ally Training: Level 1 April 2016 Donna Riley and Tony Butterfield 
Safe Zone Ally Training: Level 1  April 2016 Christopher Carr and Kelly Cross
Safe Zone Ally Training: Level 2 October 2016 Tiago Forin and Alon McCormick
Safe Zone Ally Training Deep Dive: Supporting Transgender Students and Colleagues October 2016 Benny Chan and Kyle Trenshaw 
Safe Zone Ally Training Deep Dive: Engineering Culture  December 2016 Erin Cech
Safe Zone Ally Training: Level 1 March 2017 Alex Mejia, Benny Chan, Robyn Sandekian 
Safe Zone Ally Training: Level 2
March 2017 Tony Butterfield and Robyn Sandekian
Safe Zone Ally Training Deep Dive: Intersectionality in STEM
April 2017 Christopher Carr, Kelly Cross
Safe Zone: LGBTQ 101
November 2017 Linda Vanasupa , Alon McCormick, Stephanie Farrell 
Safe Zone: Discrimination and Bias through an LGBTQ Lens
November 2017 Hector Rodriguez-Simmons, Kelly Cross, Mahesh Aggrawal 
Safe Zone: LGBTQ in STEM and Action Strategies for Allies December 2017 Kyle Trenshaw, Tiago Forin